Tanell Morton

Tanell MortonTanell Morton is currently the Program Manager for the RYSE (Resilient Young Adult Survivor Empowerment) Program at the Sexual Assault Resource Center.

Tanell Joined SARC as a volunteer in 2010. She was then hired on as a Case Manager providing support services for sexually exploited youth in 2011 when SARC received funding through the City of Portland.

In 2013 SARC started the RYSE Program specifically for the adult population of exploited survivors. RYSE supports young adults ages 18-23 with case management support, resource referrals, law enforcement advocacy, court accompaniment. As well as a drop-in center filled with empowerment, workshops and leadership opportunities.

Tanell continues to be passionate about social justice issues particularly related to oppression, racial discrimination, and key factors that perpetuate exploitation in our society. Tanell is dedicated to exploring these issues with survivors creating systemic change in our society.

Date: January 10, 2014