Michael Owen

Micahel Owen

Michael Owen is a contemporary painter who’s work is found across galleries as well as the streets of the United States.

Michael is the creator and lead artist of the Baltimore Love Project, a self-initiated project of 20 love-themed murals spread evenly throughout the city. Michael is also the artist behind one of the nation’s longest murals, located in Baltimore, Maryland.Visually, Michael’s work uses bold, graphic imagery to pull the viewer into the piece, to divulge softer and intimate messages and metaphors. While Michael’s work could be classified as figurative, it’s subtle compositional details and and deep messages ring true of a more conceptual genre. Typically, less is more in Michael’s work as he employs minimalism to access a wider audience, allowing more room for each viewer to insert their own story.

Currently residing in Baltimore, Michael lives and works as an artist in residence at The Creative Alliance, in the historic Patterson Theater.

Date: February 04, 2014