Lynne Hybels

Lynne HybelsLynne Hybels and her husband started Willow Creek Community Church in 1975.  Lynne has been an active volunteer in Willow Creek’s ministry partnerships in under-resourced communities in the Chicago area, Latin America and Africa.  Since getting involved with Casa de Luz, Willow’s Spanish-speaking congregation, she has become an active supporter of comprehensive immigration reform.  After traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo, she established a personal fundraising initiative, Ten For Congo, to support the thousands of women and girls brutally raped during Congo’s ongoing civil war.

In 2008 Lynne began traveling regularly to the Middle East to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  She has spoken at conferences in Bethlehem and co-hosted evangelical leaders traveling to the Holy Land to better understand the conflict.

Lynne has written inspirational books and articles on personal healing, global poverty, HIV/AIDS, immigration, multi-faith relationships, peacemaking, and Christians in the Holy Land.  She served as a board member of the Africa Advisory Board at Willow Creek Community Church and on the U.S. Board for World Vision.  Lynne holds a B.A. in Social Sciences from Bethel College.

Lynne and her husband Bill have two adult children, Shauna and Todd, one son-in-law, Aaron Niequist, and two grandsons extraordinaire, Henry and Mac, who run the family.

Date: December 05, 2013