Jillana Goble


Jillana GobelJillana Goble works for Portland Leadership Foundation and is leading the efforts of Embrace Oregon, which seeks to serve the vulnerable families and children the state of Oregon serves.   Jillana and her husbamd, Luke, have been foster parents for 11 years. They have 4 children under the age of 9, two of whom they fostered before adopting.  Jillana feels passionately about the Church being part of the solution when it comes to the foster care system and desires to see the the community at large, especially the faith community, come to a more robust understanding of how we can respectfully collaborate for positive outcomes for our community’s most vulnerable children.


When Jillana is not doing foster care advocacy, she can be found teaching English as a Second Language at Mt. Hood Community College to immigrants and refugees, and playing a game of Uno around the kitchen table with her kids.

Date: January 10, 2014