Gary Tribbett

Gary TribbettGary Tribbett is President of Compassion Connect and co-founder of Abolition Now. The joy of Gary’s life comes from his wife of nearly four decades. That joyful partnership in life and ministry has blessed them with two incredible daughters, their amazing husbands and seven awesome grandchildren.

To love and serve Jesus is the passion of Gary’s heart. Jesus’ plan to bring grace to people from all walks of life motivates his life and career as a pastor of Clear Creek Community Church, where he has served since its foundation in 1994. God’s preparation for Gary’s ministry includes twenty-five years in electronics, process control technology and management. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Literature and Master of Divinity degree from Multnomah University and has a Doctor of Ministry from Western Seminary.

For Gary, ministry is God at work in the world through the one Church. He believes that Christians should work together in harmony, because divine strength builds the kingdom of God one soul at a time. As a visionary, this philosophy is foundational for Gary as he looks for every opportunity to advance God’s grace in the world.

Date: January 10, 2014