Corey Greaves

Corey GreavesCorey Greaves (Blackfeet) lives on the Yakama Reservation with his wife, Gina (Yakama).  They have four children, the youngest being a senior in high school this year.  They own and operate, along with a talented team of staff and volunteers, Mending Wings—one of the largest non-profit, Native American Christian youth organizations in the country.

Corey is a veteran Youth Pastor of 24 years.  Following in the footsteps of his friends Richard Twiss, Randy Woodley and Terry LeBlanc, Corey is on the forefront of the contextual movement in Native America.  His passion is to see Native students, and their families, walk in wholeness and beauty through the power of Creator and His son, Yeshua, as Indian people and within the cup of their own cultures.

He is a gifted speaker and a common human being who holds a strong passion for his people and a deep love for Creator.

Date: January 10, 2014