Avion Blackman


Avion BlackmonFrom Trinidad and Tobago comes Avion Blackman with a sound described as a breezy blend of organic roots reggae with echoes of folk, R&B and neo-soul. It’s the Wailers meet Sade with an urban flare! With stunning lyrical and vocal sincerity, Avion brings forth emotional songs steeped in ethnic textures pleasing to the ears and satisfying to the soul.

Avion Blackman is also the bassist and lead vocalist for the world renown Gospel Reggae band named Christafari. With having two consecutive albums this year hit the number one position on the Billboard Reggae Charts, Christafari had made history with being the first Christian artist to top this chart. “Reggae Christmas” & “Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival” are the two number one albums that feature the angelic voice of lead vocalist Avion Blackman.

Avion Blackman has recorded 3 solo albums and one greatest hits album in her career as a solo artist. “Onyinye”, “Sweet Life”, “Third World Girl” and “Avion Blackman Greatest Hits” all contain music that was written and produced by Avion Blackman and her husband Mark Mohr who is the founder/lead singer of Christafari.

Date: February 04, 2014